Strands Of Light

Strands Of Light EP (2013)

The third album released by Lucy Morningstar was titled ‘Strands of Light’ under her artist name Lucid Lion. This fourteen song EP sheds light on the travels and triumphs of an independent, self funded singer songwriter and the determination it takes to overcome an Industry built on money and greed. Diving deep into the depth of sociological and psychological truths, Morningstar encapsulates the emotional poetry found in life through the eyes of love and authenticity. Sparing no strand of tenacity or forgiveness, beauty takes form as her originality comes to life through her compositions and lyrical story telling. Pouring off the page and into our hearts, Lucy Morningstar’s music is a creation of thought provoking consciousness, evolving us into the next stage of humanity.

This album features Scott Page (Pick Floyd) on saxophone.

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